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1969 ... The broadsheet Sun had run its course - never really finding an identity and losing I.P.C. millions along the way. The paper was put up for sale.

Enter two media giants - in the distinctive shapes of Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch. Maxwell was looking to add the title to his Pergamon Press book publishing empire, and Murdoch - who had already bought his first British newspaper interest in The News of the World - was looking for a daily newspaper to occupy the Sunday paper's presses during the week.

As everybody knows, Murdoch was the successful bidder. He bought the 'Sun' name and immediately turned it into a tabloid - exactly what I.P.C. had refused to do!

When the IPC Sun closed, all the staff were offered redundancy payments, while a few (myself included) were offered a choice of a transfer to the staff of The Daily Mirror. I chose redundancy and took a cheque on one day, and a staff job with the new Murdoch tabloid The Sun the next - the second time this had happened!

The Murdoch tabloid Sun took the country by storm, creating a huge stir with its Page Three pictures - a totally new concept in British newspapers. It wasn't long before sales had overtaken those of its nearest rival- The Daily Mirror!

As The Sun quickly became the 'down-market' paper it is today, it was time for me to move. After much manoeuvering I was finally offered the chance to transfer within the News International group to The Times, where the management were persuaded that my work would be better suited!


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