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Northern Ireland, 1969-1972 ... During my time on the IPC Sun and with the new 'soaraway' Murdoch Sun I was lucky to have covered a full range of assignments, from Page Three pictures (and all the fun!) to spending the best part of three years based in Belfast covering the worst of the troubles - 'Bloody Sunday' included.

Having been exposed to C.S. tear-gas during the student riots in Paris in 1968, I was to get even more exposure whilst working in Northern Ireland.

When I was going through my old papers recently, I found this Memo I sent in August, 1969. The response was a deafening silence!

Although professionally the Troubles in Northern Ireland were a great 'news opportunity' for me, the events themselves were tragic and, ultimately, traumatic. I saw a whole generation of kids growing up knowing little else but street violence.

I was living out my dream, though, of being a photo-journalist, and later had many opportunities to cover world news stories, with a lot of international travel, including a spell with the mercenaries during the Biafran war.


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